What’s Free Range Paleo all about?

Well it’s like this…

IanB - free range paleo

I’ve changed my diet over the last couple of years to be largely Paleo. To be fair it wanders between something that I call NaMMFP – not a million miles from Paleo! through primal, and back to strict (Whole30 compliant) paleo.

And I feel so much better for it!

And I want everyone to know abut this. I believe that the more people there are talking about Paleo, the more ‘normal’ it’s going to become. Hopefully there will come a time, before too long, when we look back and wonder how we came to be so addicted to grains and sugars when they were clearly doing us so much harm.

The biggest thing for me is the grains, and wheat in particular. Small quantities I can deal with, but wheat as a staple food – no way! So even if I’m being rather loose with my interpretation of paleo at times, there’s going to be very little wheat in my diet.

Paleo or Primal?

Well I’m just wondering that myself! Having just gone a month with no dairy for the first time ever, I’m trying to work out if I still want it. I’m pretty sure that milk is having an unpleasant effect on me, but I’m rather hoping I’ll be able to eat cheese again. We shall see!

Who am I?

Glad you asked!

I’m IanB – you can connect with me on Facebook or the Free Range Paleo Facebook Page, or find me at my main website Authentic Overdrive.

I live in the wilds of West Cornwall in the UK with my partner Cara Wilde (yes, her from Wild Bliss)

I love my food – the cooking and the eating of it, and I love to research and share my findings.

So here I am, doing this. I hope you find it useful.



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