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Paleo myths on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 30

Paleo myth or paleo facts?

So, just for the fun of it, because I like that sort of thing, I thought I’d google “paleo myths” and see what came up. Well, not only for the fun, but also because I saw some interesting ideas being thrown around the forums while I was browsing today. The basis of most of them was on the subject of the Paleo Myth…

Body wisdom on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 29

Body wisdom

An interesting thing has happened these last few days, since deciding to forgo my breakfast smoothies. I seem to be a lot less hungry! I’m not really sure what’s going on here yet so I’m just going with it and trusting that this is body wisdom looking after me. What is it telling me?

No smoothies on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 28

Chad - wot no smoothies?

Eagle eyed readers may have spotted that my customary breakfast smoothies have been notable by their absence the last few days…

No smoothies??

It’s true!

Paleo fish curry on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 27

Paleo fish curry recipe

Somewhere near the beginning of this 30 day detoxing we bought a big pack of fish fillets, pollock to be precise, and for three weeks it’s been sitting in the freezer largely untouched. I did make one attempt to cook some, it wasn’t good and Cara couldn’t eat it. That’s all changed now because I’ve found a paleo fish curry recipe…

Slow roast pork on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 26

Slow roast pork - paleo style

I really enjoy my food, it’s important to me that I eat well, and if there’s one thing that’s gong to brighten my detoxing day, it may well be…

Slow Roast Pork

Not the roast pork specifically, but the fact that it’s slow roast, and that’s a new culinary adventure for me.

Why Detox? The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 25

Confused about detox

Along with questions like Is Water Wet?, Is Detox Good For You? and Should I Have Some More Cake?, I’d also never asked Why Detox? I thought it was pretty obvious but, again, perhaps not, and so…

Why Detox?

Well, lots of reasons, potentially. I’ll show you mine if… Okay!

Is detox good for you? The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 24

Is detox good for you?

There seems to be some debate on this subject. I thought it was pretty obvious that detoxing is good for you, but maybe not, so…

Is detox good for you?

Well after pointing out that I’m neither your doctor or nutritionist, and that all my experimental data are strictly N=1 (I’m the subject, I experiment on myself and observe the results) I’m bound to ask…

Detox Irritation on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 23

Detox irritation


Yep, I’m feeling a touch of

Detox irritation

Not about everything mind, just food really. There’s nothing to eat again!

Mystery illness on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 22

Mystery illness or paleo detox?

Well I’m very puzzled today. I thought I had the answer, but I actually seem to have

A mystery illness

And it wasn’t that I wanted the ghee to be the answer – I wanted to know, but I certainly didn’t want the answer to be that I had to give up eating dairy!

To ghee or not to ghee: The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 21

Is ghee paleo?

Three weeks in, 10 days to go, what do I know?

It’s better than before

Certainly better than yesterday. I was really struggling with my breathing yesterday – not long after my breakfast smoothie I realised that I couldn’t breathe