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Bacon – just Bacon!

Bacon - just bacon!

The question is…

entirely irrelevant really, the answer is Bacon.

Possibly Add Bacon, or More Bacon…

but mostly just Bacon

That is all.

Is the Paleo Diet Safe?

Is the Paleo diet safe?

I’ve noticed recently a number of people asking questions that could be summed up as “Is the Paleo Diet safe?” By the Paleo diet we mean, of course, the way of eating based on the diet of Paleolithic Man, the hunter gatherer. It’s not unusual for people to have concerns about any new, or at least newly popular, diet, but what’s the answer? Is the Paleo Diet safe or not?

The Low Carbohydrate question

There seem to be a few possible objections to adopting the Paleo way of eating, and I’ll address first one that is based largely on a misconception. While the Paleo Diet does share some similarities with the well known, and perhaps infamous, Atkins Diet it is not

What is the Paleo Diet?

Is this one the paleo diet?

What is the paleo diet? Well, in its simplest expression, perhaps, the paleo diet is whatever was eaten by Palaeolithic man (and woman!), i.e. the people living anywhere from 10,000 to 2,500,000 years ago.

Of course, as you might imagine, there are some slight problems with the idea of eating exactly what these ‘cavemen’ ate. For a start, they lived a long time ago. Even at the more recent end of the Paleolithic period, we’re still talking ten thousand years ago, and that’s a long time to be sure of anything.