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Paleo Ice Cream

Paleo Ice Cream

Paleo Ice Cream? Really? Yes really!

Now I appreciate, for the purists, that the average hunter gatherer, living in a cave, Paleo Mama didn’t have access to a food processor. Ice, maybe, but not the food processor. But hey, get over it – this is ice cream – paleo ice cream – with no sugar and no ice cream maker required!

This one comes directly from the Aussie Paleo Chef and so I have it on good authority that it’s not only Paleo Ice Cream, but it’s also…

It’s quick and easy!

Yep, you heard it…

Paleo cauliflower rice

Spicy Paleo Cauliflower Rice recipe

Cauliflower rice? Yes, really!

You’ll not be surprised at this if you see plenty of paleo recipes – everyone seems to have a cauliflower rice recipe these days, and not surprisingly, because it’s so good! It’s one of those truly paleo dishes that really works.

Cauliflower pizza base – not so much if you ask me, but cauliflower rice – deffo.

So how does it work?

Simples. You blitz your cauliflower into rice sized bits and give it a quick blast of heat. Done.

Paleo fish curry

Paleo fish curry

I love curry, and it’s a bit of a standing joke with me that, if I don’t know what do do with it, I’ll curry it – whatever it is! And that, I believe, is where the idea for the paleo fish curry came from. I had this bag of pollock fillets in the freezer and no idea what to do with them. So – curry it!

Not that there’s anything unusual about fish curry of course, it seems to be quite common in some parts of the world. It’s just that I tend to panc and the thought of cooking fish! Give me a can of tuna or a pack of smoked salmon and I’m fine, but a nice fillet of pollock…

Energizing Paleo Breakfast Smoothie

Energizing paleo smoothie recipe

Do you need a little more punch in your breakfast? A little more energy to carry you into the day?

Or maybe you struggle to eat breakfast at all but know you really should have something more than coffee?

Try this super powerful Energizing Paleo Breakfast Smoothie!

Make mayonnaise in a blender

Make mayonnaise in a blender

The question of how to make mayonnaise by hand, with olive oil, is often asked, but it’s the wrong question really.

The answer, of course, is that, if you want to make mayonnaise at home and you  want consistent, successful results then you don’t make mayonnaise by hand!

Great Green Smoothie

Great green smoothie paleo recipe

I apologise if you’re following the Whole30 or other 30 day program where smoothies are discouraged, if not actually prohibited – this may torment you! If you’re new to Paleo then I highly recommend getting started with a strict and supported 30 Day Program but, when you’ve finished it, I also recommend starting your day with a…

Green Smoothie