Great Green Smoothie

Great green smoothie paleo recipe

I apologise if you’re following the Whole30 or other 30 day program where smoothies are discouraged, if not actually prohibited – this may torment you! If you’re new to Paleo then I highly recommend getting started with a strict and supported 30 Day Program but, when you’ve finished it, I also recommend starting your day with a…

Green Smoothie

And yes, for the purists, I know that paleolithic woman didn’t have a blender on her kitchen counter, not even a stick blender in the cupboard. But she did have one thing:


Quite frankly I don’t have the time to sit around eating the quantity of greens that go into a pint of green smoothie. Yes, yes, you may argue that it would only take 10 minutes to chomp through that pile of spinach. That may be true for you, but…

I don’t like spinach!

I like the fact that it’s good for me, and makes me feel good, but I don’t like the taste, especially raw. It would take me a lot more than 10 minutes to get through it! But in a green smoothie – no problem, it just adds to the rounded flavour, without it the fruit would be too sweet.

So yes, I hear all the arguments against smoothies, and I don’t care. Follow the rules if you’re being guided through a 30 day program but, after that, make your own rules.

My rules of Paleo

Well my first rule of anything in the morning is that it has to be fast and convenient. There’s no way I’m spending 10 or 20 minutes munching veggies first thing in the morning, ain’t gonna happen!

And my rules for food in general say that it must be scrummily delicious! I may break this rule sometimes, especially when I’m training myself to enjoy a new taste.

It hasn’t worked with spinach!

But a green smoothie, with fat, protein, carbs and a good heap of greenery makes for an easy, speedy, delicious and power packed breakfast.

So let’s do it.

Great Green Smoothie Recipe


1 large banana
150ml cocnut milk (about 1/3 tin)
Dried fruit – a small handful
Dates and raisins works best – soaked overnight
Spinach – several handfuls – half fill the blender

A great paleo green smoothie recipe

How to make it

Soak a handful of dried fruit overnight – it blends better soaked. Put the fruit, and soaking water in the blender, add a roughly chopped banana and some coconut milk. Add a generous amount of fresh spinach and squish it down. Pulse!

When all the spinach has been dragged into the mix whiz it up to full speed for 30 seconds or so. Add some more water at this stage if you like it thinner – I make mine up to about a pint (600ml).

Pour, take a picture for Instagram or Facebook and then enjoy your green smoothie!


More carbs? Go with nuts and seeds. For an even more powerful energy boost, and a good handful of nuts and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, pine nuts, almonds, brazils, cashews – whatever) to the overnight soak.

More fat? If you’re good with plenty of fat try adding a couple of spoons of ghee, coconut oil or MCT oil.

More protein? Spirulina works well. Add it right at the end with the motor running so it blends rather than flying everywhere or just sticking to the sides!

And that’s it!


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