Nothing to Eat on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 1

Paleo diet breakfast - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

Okay, so day 1 – here we go! No grains – no problem. No sugar – no problem, although if you’re being super-strict about this it does seem to rule out about 99% of foods that are in any way processed, including many you really wouldn’t expect to contain sugar, like the horseradish sauce I wanted to put on my roast beef this morning – why is there sugar in that? Grrr!!!

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What else can’t I eat?

No potatoes, no legumes, no MSG – no problem.

No dairy – OUCH!

Yep, that one hurts. Especially having spent much of yesterday consuming vast amounts of cheese, cream, milk, butter and tiramisu because I knew it would have to be thrown out if I didn’t get through it! Although I say it as though it’s unusual for me to eat vast quantities of dairy, and it’s not, at all. My standard diet, for the last year or two perhaps, is high fat, high protein and low carb – and much of that protein is dairy based. I love cheese, and cream, and butter, and milk, and most other things made with or from them – Kefir, for example, has been a recent addition to my daily diet. Sadly it’s made from milk, so it’s out for now!

So now I go to the fridge and there’s “nothing to eat”. The fridge is packed full, of course, as we just went shopping yesterday, but there’s no cheese and I can’t eat most of the things I might snack on during the day.

No alcohol – no problem. Seriously, it doesn’t trouble me at this stage, and the amount I’d have to use to drown my despair of dairy deprivation would render me useless for the work I’m planning to get through this evening, so sober is fine.

No tobacco – okay so far. Been on the go about 9 hours and it’s 17 hours since my last smoke. Just noticing the usual decrease in patience and increase in irritation with people and things around me. This will pass. (In a few days I may be saying that like an affirmation or mantra – this will pass, this will pass, this will pass – or maybe it’ll just be easy this time…)

No coffee – good so far. Not sure what to drink because, other than water and beer, I mostly drink black coffee or kefir smoothies. Still, all this water will help the detoxing, so maybe the coffee withdraw won’t be so bad when it hits!

What did I eat?

Cold roast beef – 2 slices
Cherry tomatoes x3

Scrambled eggs (3)
Smoked salmon (plenty)

Mid afternoon snack
Ham – several slices (technically illegal as the label mentions dextrose, but in terms of percentages it’s so small I think I’ll live!)

Chicken in garlic, ginger and tomato sauce with extra ghee
Chopped tomato and cucumber salad
Lime pickle
A few dates
Small handful almonds
Couple teaspoons coconut oil

Bits of roast beef and smoked salmon
A few dried apricots

EDIT// 2nd Supper
Tomatoes x4
Olives x8
Olive oil x3 (yes, I drink it by the spoonful)
Almonds and raisins – large handful

EDIT// 3rd Supper
Almond butter (spoonful)
Tahini (spoonful)

Nothing but water, lost count, but at least 6 pints, probably 8, just bottled spring water

That’s it for now


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