Coffee cravings on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 10

I want coffee!

Interesting things, these cravings! I have a fair idea of how they work, especially with things like smoking, well specifically with smoking in fact. I’ve stopped and started often enough to recognise what’s going on. And today I have…

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Coffee Cravings!

Yup, still!

I have a feeling this is entirely self created, having started thinking about coffee the other day and found a recipe I really want to try. Before that it hasn’t bothered me at all to be missing all that caffeine, but today my resolve is being put to the test.

I see that the Whole30 timeline suggests exactly this sort of thing for day 10 and 11 – and here we are!

Of course there have been moments in the last week when I thought it might be nice to have a warm drink, but even then coffee just didn’t appeal. And then I went and thought about it. I imagined the smell, the creamy texture and the glorious taste….

The smell of hot coffee isn't helping my coffee cravings!Wham! Instant coffee cravings! Not cravings for instant coffee you understand, but the fact that, as soon as I started thinking about it and imagining having it, I started having cravings for it – coffee – real, steamy, hot, aromatic coffee – mmm!

Stop it!

This really isn’t helping at all, but perhaps analysing the sneaky way that cravings work will console me.

It seems that coffee cravings, just like cigarette cravings, promise a wonderful feeling of fulfilling, relaxing, energising, upliftingly joyful living. The reality is strikingly different.

It’s not that some of those things aren’t true, at least when I’m addicted to and partaking of coffee and/or smoking. There is a sense of those feelings that is attached to the activity, but it’s definitely that way round – the feeling is attached to, rather than emanates from, the drinking or smoking.

The feelings that I actually get from both drinking coffee and smoking, and I am talking plain cigarettes here, are dizziness, hot flushes, tremors and then fairly soon afterwards, tired, heavy lethargy.

Yeah! Get me some of that good stuff…. or not!

The point is that I only notice how my body really responds to these chemicals when I’ve detoxed from them. When you’re in it, it’s easy to believe that the chemical is the cause of the good feelings you attach to it. When you can take an outside view you see things very differently.

With the right perspective, cigarette and coffee cravings, as with most or all others I guess, can be seen for what they are: Dodgy marketers! It’s all hype I tell you, all of it, well….. most of it…

I probably shouldn’t put caffeine consumption in the same camp as smoking here, as there are some good points to coffee drinking. Coffee is at least a delicious, warm, aromatic drink that can, in moderation, enliven and uplift me. Cigarettes on the other hand taste and smell foul and make you feel awful.

Ah, I can feel the evangelistic zeal of the reformed smoker coming on already! But it is true, from the right perspective, but when you’re smoking you just don’t notice it.

And coffee? What of humble, innocent coffee? Well the coffee cravings tell me it will taste fantastic, make me feel great and give me more energy. The first one I agree with, the rest is true to a point, but that point is at the top of a slippery slope.

Enough to satisfy the coffee cravings? A giant coffee cup.When I start drinking coffee, however good my intentions, it’s rarely long before I’m up to 6 or 8 mugs a day, and my coffee drinking’s more hardcore than my smoking – I take it strong, black and unsweetened.

And, while the first cup might make me feel good, by the end of the day, and the next morning, I just can’t function without it. I don’t sleep well and I feel tired and heavy.

The cravings rarely remember to mention that bit!

They’re selling a dream of course and, for today at least, I shall be careful just how much of that dream I buy into. Coffee cravings or not there shall be no coffee for me today. Instead…

I’m eating

Smoothie – banana, coconut milk, ghee
1 boiled hard egg
1 beefburger (cold, leftover from last night!)

1 avocado
1 beefburger
1 apple

Chicken curry
(which doesn’t sound too appetising when I put it like that, but it was good!)

A warm coconut milk with cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg
And water.
No coffee!

And that’s it!
IanB has coffee cravings again!

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