Paleo Shopping List – The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 12

Man with a paleo shopping list

There are times when things that have been there, quite obviously, all along just leap out at me and demand to be blogged about. One of these times was when wandering around the supermarket today. Yes, it’s supermarket vs…

The Paleo Shopping List!

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The Paleo Shopping List

losing the will to live with the paleo shopping listI was struck, quite forcibly, by the realisation that there’s absolutely nothing I want in at least 75% of the average supermarket’s aisles. And that’s not the frustrating bit!

I’m cool with the idea that supermarkets do their best to cater to all tastes and that, with my paleo shopping list, I’m in a minority when it comes to food shopping. That’s fine.

So the first 2 or 3 aisles – fruit and veg, meat and fish – yummy. Usually followed by cheese and other dairy, but not for this month. And then follows a huge wasteland of little but wheat and sugar – swiftly past those shelves, there’s no food there for me!

And way down at the other end of the store, the coffee aisle. Ahhh! And Grrrr! because I’m also detoxing from coffee at the moment and I want it! But even that isn’t as frustrating as…

The number of things that I have on my paleo shopping list that I think I should be able to buy, but I can’t because they’re full of sugar! Aaaarrgghh! Why does everything have sugar in it?

Sugar sugar everywhere!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against sugar – I think it has its place, like in sticky toffee pudding perhaps. Mmmm! But no, I wasn’t trying to buy pudding. The sweetest thing on my paleo shopping list was bananas and dates for my breakfast smoothies.

And yes, of course there are plenty of natural sugars in fruits both ripe and dried, but still, it wasn’t the sweet things that troubled me, it was the supermarket versions of savoury.

Man with a paleo shopping listI wanted Dijon mustard
– full of sugar

I wanted mayonnaise
– got sugar in it

I wanted curry sauce
– why’s there sugar in that?

I get that I can’t have sweet chilli sauce right now – the name kinda gives that away.

But I wanted beef jerky or biltong – that’s just dried beef, right? Nope, it’s full of sugar!

And so it goes on.

I can’t believe that even English mustard and horseradish sauce get sugar added – well I can believe it because I read the labels, but what on earth is that about?

I don’t know!

The answer, I guess, is to take my paleo shopping list elsewhere! If I buy most of my food from the greengrocer and the butcher or, better still, direct from the farmers, then I won’t have this problem.

On the other hand, especially if I was only buying from the farmers, I would run into another interesting question: How strict is strictly paleo? Or how accurate? Whether it matters or not is another question, but consider…

If I was a paleolithic hunter gatherer in what is now south west England I probably wouldn’t be eating bananas, dates and coconuts. It’s not often we see salmon in these parts, and the tuna are rarer still! Olive trees are not native to the UK and it’s too cold for avocados.

Never mind my wiffling about not being able to fulfill a paleo shopping list – if I was being really, really strict with this I’d probably just be eating a turnip!

I think maybe I should stop complaining about all this before someone goes and invents the geo-relative-paleo diet!

So. Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying…


Smoothie – Banana, spinach, spirulina, coconut milk, ghee, dates, raisins, seeds, water

Slice of gammon
1 avocado

Steak in creamy peppercorn sauce (yep, still strict paleo)

Yes, I think I may need supper soon!

Water – plenty – I’ve taken to drinking it with lemon/lime juice in for variety!

And that’s it!
IanB is writing a paleo shopping list

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