Detox Plateau on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 14

Detox plateau?

No, no, not gateaux, I said Plateau, though if you’re in the first week of a detox I can understand the hallucination! But no, I think perhaps I’ve reached some kind of plateau…

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A detox plateau

And not so much one of those plateaus where everything stops and you didn’t want it to, as in weight training plateaus or diet plateaus, but this is a rather good experience.

Everything feels normal!

It’s not that I feel super-fine with boundless energy and amazing strength and vitality – not yet. It’s more that nothing feels out of alignment I guess.

I got plenty of quality sleep last night, including a good Sunday morning lay in, so I feel all caught up with sleeping – no tiredness, just normal.

Detox plateau?And nothing seems out of alignment with food either, perhaps for the first time in a couple of weeks. I feel as though I’ve eaten exactly what I wanted to eat today, though it’s been very similar to other days.

So when I describe it as a detox plateau I’m meaning it as a place where I can stop to look around and take stock. See how far I’ve come, look at where I’m going and make decisions too.


Yes I know the only decision I should be making is whether to carry on or not. That’s one of the beauties of following a strict detox plan like this; there are very few decisions to make. You’re either following it or not – well more or less. I do, of course, like to bend rules, or just play by my own!

And that, as you know if you watched the video, seems to be resulting in my deciding to try drinking coffee tomorrow.


Yes, I know I said I was giving up coffee for 30 days. And I’ve been having coffee cravings on and off for most of the week. So am I giving in to those cravings or am I still in alignment with my plan?

Bulletproof coffee to celebrate a detox plateauDo tell me if you think I’m just caving in to the cravings, but I think science is on my side here!

My intention in letting go of the coffee was to get its hooks out of me, so to speak. Whenever I’ve tried to stop drinking coffee before I’ve had amazing headaches for days at a time, but the upside is that I no longer feel tired all the time

And yet, this time round, I experienced no major headaches and didn’t feel the same shift in energy levels either. So I’m wondering if it was not the coffee alone I was reacting to before.

I’ve noted before, though not on this blog, that I seem to process alcohol a lot better when I’m eating pretty strict paleo, and I wonder if I actually process coffee better too. My guess is that it’s the wheat in particular that has to do with this – just a hunch, no hard facts there.

Which would mean that, except when I go drinking coffee to keep me awake at 11pm and then expect to sleep an hour later(!), there must be a different explanaion for my lack of energy recently. Coffee may not be entirely to blame!


So, from the elevated vantage point of my detox plateau I think that, in the name of science, and enjoying what I’m doing, I think I shall try coffee at some point tomorrow and see what happens!

It’s probably going to be a sort of Bulletproof style coffee with coconut milk and ghee that I read about in the Whole30 forum – I can’t find the exact thread, but here’s the recipe forum.

And what am I hoping to learn? Well I guess I’ll be looking for:

  • Does it taste nice?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • How do I feel an hour or two later?
  • Do I crave more of it?
  • Does it affect my sleep?
  • How do I feel the next day?

The answers to some of those should prove interesting – we may learn if this is indeed a detox plateau or just a state of delusion. All in the name of science! And fun!

So what have I been eating today?

Smoothie – banana, coconut milk, ghee, dates, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds


Scrambled eggs

Avocados (2)
Salads various
Homemade coriander and lime mayonnaise (yummy!)

An apple, probably


And that’s all
IanB may have reached a detox plateau

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