Off the Wagon on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 2

Interesting day!

Seem to have got the hunger thing sorted – plenty of fats in the breakfast smoothies and lunch meant that, unlike yesterday, I’ve not felt hungry all day and haven’t been snacking endlessly.

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Detox symptoms

Slept very well last night but woke up with a bit of a headache and aching around my lower back / kidneys – not sure if the latter is detox symptoms or bad posture from sitting and typing so much, maybe a bit of both. I was expecting the coffee withdraw to kick in today, but not yet.

Still feeling a bit lost without smoking – not quite as grumpy as yesterday, not really experiencing cravings, just a general sense of something missing.


Falling off the wagon

By 9pm I’d decided that what I really needed was a decent bottle of wine and some smokes. I say by 9pm because I spent a good couple of hours debating this. The fact that, being authentic, I was going to have to document this made me think! Was I just giving in to my cravings or would cigarettes and alcohol really make me feel like I was part of the New Year’s Eve party mood?

But in the end I opted for drinking and smoking tonight and properly back on the wagon from tomorrow. I’m not about to beat myself up about it, though I’d love to claim it was really all in the name of science and not a lack of resolve! That said, the science is quite interesting: It’s alarming how tired I feel after just a glass of wine and one smoke – usually that would have no noticeable effect, but I can really feel it right now. Pretty scary what we become accustomed to!

For the sake of completeness I still plan to do 30 days clean, so that will be the 1st to the 31st January. Meanwhile, a glass of Malbec beckons…

What I ate

Smoothies – about 2 liters of! Banana, berries, coconut milk, spirulina, spinach, tahini

Scrambled eggs (3) mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach – all cooked in LOTS of ghee

Brussels sprouts
Smoked mackerel
Smoked Haddock

Less water today after the several pints of smoothie, but still drinking plenty of water and nothing else.

* EDIT// + a bottle of Malbec and a pack of tobacco!

And that’s it.

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