To ghee or not to ghee: The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 21

Is ghee paleo?

Three weeks in, 10 days to go, what do I know?

It’s better than before

Certainly better than yesterday. I was really struggling with my breathing yesterday – not long after my breakfast smoothie I realised that I couldn’t breathe

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Really though?

Of course I also realised that I tend to exaggerate just a weenie bit.

But I was struggling!


Well ghee was the suspect, and so I left it out of today’s smoothie, and I was fine – well as fine as before I drank it because I was still a it wheezy this morning.

So was that the answer? Not proven as yet I think. Cara used ghee in cooking our dunner tonight – no ill effects for me, though I suspect that was a lot less ghee than I put in the curry.

Still, I think tomorrow I shall take some ghee in my smoothie and see what that does. I need to know!


A tin of gheeHmmm. I’m not sure exactly what this will prove, other than I don’t seem to like that kind of ghee – it’s all butter ghee, but the suspect is a commercial tinned variety rather than my homemade one.

I’ve a suspicion it’s less clarified than my version, so it could be that it has more of a dairyness about it. And one of my learnings on this whole Whole30 detoxy thing was to be finding out what effect dairy has on me.

I really don’t want it to be this! But I need to know.

Time will tell

Homemade gheeSo tomorrow, a bucket-load of ghee and we’ll see what happens. I shall report it here, assuming I survive the experience!

If it’s not that then I don’t know. I don’t want to put it down to being a mystery, but…


Other than that? I feel good.

I feel particularly good today because I’ve been outside putting up a new shed. Getting out of the house, away from the computer, and doing some physical work always makes me feel better. I tend to forget this very quickly!

I like the sense of achievement in having constructed something too. Okay, so it was a flat-pack shed, but a shed’s a shed, it counts as construction for me.

And I must have been enjoying myself because I forgot to eat lunch.

So what have I eaten today?

Smoothie – banana, coconut milk, spinach, dates, raisins, pine nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Steak in a creamy peppercorn sauce
Roast sweet potato

Black coffee

And that’s it!
IanB has been building a shed today but is still suspicious of ghee

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