Mystery illness on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 22

Mystery illness or paleo detox?

Well I’m very puzzled today. I thought I had the answer, but I actually seem to have

A mystery illness

And it wasn’t that I wanted the ghee to be the answer – I wanted to know, but I certainly didn’t want the answer to be that I had to give up eating dairy!

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Noooo! Not dairy!

I’m not having the cravings any more, but Id hate to think I’d never be eating cheese again, or butter, or clotted cream!

But it seems it’s not that, and I don’t know what it is – it’s a mystery illness!


Coconut milk for paleo
Unless, unless, and it could be.

There was one other common ingredient to the two meals, a breakfast smoothie and an evening curry, after which I experienced an asthma-like difficulty breathing.

Coconut milk.

And I’d ruled that out because it was the same brand of coconut milk we’ve been using lots of for three weeks. It did, however, all come from one tin, and that tin had been sitting on the worktop overnight.

The tin was covered, but not chilled. Does coconut milk go off that quickly? Had it fermented, which isn’t usually a bad thing, or done something else? And could that affect my breathing?

Mould and asthma

Asthma paleo detox symptomI know mould can be a cause of asthma-like symptoms, so maybe. The coconut wasn’t obviously mouldy, it seemed fine.  And two other people ate the curry and they were fine. And anyway, would mould survive the cooking process? Or was it the inhaling of it and not the eating?

I just don’t know – it’s a mystery illness, and I may just leave it at that.

Settling for  a mystery illness?

No, it’s not like me to leave something uninvestigated, unless it appears to have a fairly obvious answer. And this could be the obvious one.

If I left prawns or chicken on the counter overnight, and then ate them and became ill, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on wondering why! So if leaving my coconut milk out has had a similar effect then I’ll just be more careful with it.

That, in fact, seems to be my plan from here: Make sure the coconut milk gets refrigerated and monitor the situation.

My breathing isn’t as free as I’d like it to be today, but it’s how it was when I woke up, not food affected today. I trust it will improve over the next day or so and, assuming it remains good, I think I’ll put this blip down to misadventure – mostly because it sounds more glamorous than mystery illness!

What else?

I’m rather wishing I’d started keeping a log of how I was feeling BEFORE I started this Whole30 inspired 30 Day Paleo Detox Challenge

Why? Because I know how I feel now and, apart from the breathing thing, it’s all good, but how did I feel before? I know I wanted to feel better, but I never actually wrote down or recorded video about how I was feeling coming in to this. Surprising how easy it is to forget!

I think, perhaps, because I expect to feel awesome all the time, when I do feel awesome I very quickly forget that there’s any other way to be.

Thinking of doing your own challenge?

Journal of paleo detox mystery illnessIf so I highly recommend keeping note of how you feel for a few days before starting. Or, if you just started, write it down while you still remember! Video is very good too, even if you never show anyone else.

It might just be me, or it might be a man thing, this forgetfulness, but, if you have the chance, I think it would make for a more complete and useful log if you have a record of how you felt in the days before.

And incidentally, keeping a public record of your challenge is a great way to stay motivated for the journey. I’m not saying I’d have stopped if I wasn’t blogging all this, but the commitment to record it takes away any thought of such things.

And yes, I would also record it if I was to fall off the wagon!

But not today.

What have I eaten today?

Smoothie – banana, coconut milk, spinach, ghee, dates, raisins, pine nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Chorizo and ham
Tomatoes and olives+ olive oil
Bananas, dates, raisins, almonds and sunflower seeds fried in ghee

Bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms

Black coffee

And that’s it!
IanB seems to have a mystery illness

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