Detox Irritation on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 23

Detox irritation


Yep, I’m feeling a touch of

Detox irritation

Not about everything mind, just food really. There’s nothing to eat again!

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Detox irritation Where’s the *#$%! food?

Last night I just wanted something quick and easy, it was a grabbing a take-away curry or stuffing down some cheese, ham and olives sort of night. And I couldn’t. I hate being restricted!

Food restriction = detox irritation. At least for me it does.

No choice

That’s what I don’t like – the feeling that I don’t have choice. It’s not that I’m thinking of quitting the program, I don’t give myself that choice. It’s just the apparent lack of food choices before me.

When I’m eating everything, or at least a less restricted diet, it’s easier to find a snack, something quick and easy. It might not be the optimum nutrition but it’s what I need right now; nutrition is not the only factor – speed and convenience still count for me.

Real food

I still love to cook, of course, but I don’t always want to. And with a diet of real, whole, unprocessed foods, it seems harder to find something that will satisfy me without having to go cooking.

This may just be my detox irritation whinging, but it does feel true. Possibly because so many of my favourite snacking foods are off limits at the moment.

cookie monster does not suffer detox irritation Pies!

Yep, and cake! Especially cake.

I’ve eaten very little wheat for well over a year now, and that felt restrictive to start with. There was a time I’d have gone for a pie, pasty, sandwich, wrap, cake or several of the above if I was a little peckish.

More recently it’s been cheese, ham, salami, olives, butter and olive oil, and maybe some nuts and seeds or fruit. That took a while to get used to, but I was settled.

And then someone took away the cheese, butter, ham, salami and most of the fruit. Waaaahh! It’s not fair!


Well yes, it was me who agreed to take on this challenge, but that doesn’t help.

I didn’t say I was being rational here did I? I said I was suffering from detox irritation – Suffering I tell you!



The interesting question, I suppose, is why should detox irritation turn up now? I should be getting used to this stuff after three weeks of it.

Yesterday wasn’t much different to any other – much the same food in stock, so I wasn’t more deprived than usual, just more irritated about it.




Nooooo! Don’t tell me that!

But it might be true. It has been noted before that coffee affects my mood, and generally not for the better. It could be that my supposed detox irritation is, in fact, coffee induced irritation.

Which would be sad. And an indication that I do need to address the amount of it I’m drinking.

I am enjoying my coffee again, but possibly a little too much. As previously noted, two or three cups a day, good – more than that, not so much. And I have been feeling tired in the morning the last couple of days, struggling to get out of bed again.

Coffee detox irritation Uh oh!

Yep, that’s another indicator for me. Too much coffee.

Hmmm. Well that’s just great. Now, not only do I have nothing to eat, but I also have to restrict my coffee intake.

Woe is me!

I shall do my best not to take it out on the rest of the world – just do us all a favour and don’t tell me about anything else I can’t do!

What I’ve been reduced to eating!

Smoothie – banana, coconut milk, spinach, dates, raisins, pine nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Tuna and prawns
Olives, tomatoes, cucumber, onion
Coconut milk, olive oil and lime juice dressing (smothering!)

Minced beef Bolognaise-like
Celeriac and sweet potato mash

An apple, probably

Too much coffee?

And that’s it!
IanB has detox irritability again

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