Paleo fish curry on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 27

Paleo fish curry recipe

Somewhere near the beginning of this 30 day detoxing we bought a big pack of fish fillets, pollock to be precise, and for three weeks it’s been sitting in the freezer largely untouched. I did make one attempt to cook some, it wasn’t good and Cara couldn’t eat it. That’s all changed now because I’ve found a paleo fish curry recipe…

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A paleo fish curry recipe?

Oh yes!

I do struggle with fish. I know I should eat more fish, or so the health ‘experts’ tell me. Vegans would probably disagree, and then there’s the argument of over-fishing, which troubles me.

Bears eat salmon, not fish curry!I do sometimes think that fish is best left for these guys, bears seem much better equipped to deal with fish!

I, on the other hand, tend to panic at the mention of cooking fish. A tin of tuna I know what to do with. Smoked salmon – love it, and it’s easy, you just eat it! If it comes wrapped in batter then it’s easy too, but I don’t think I’ll be eating it like that any more!

But present me with a whole fish, or an uncooked fillet of fish, and I’m a little lost.

Until now.

Because now I have a recipe for fish curry, and not only that but it’s an easy, paleo fish curry recipe. Yay!!

Curried everything

I do like my curries, and it’s a bit of a standing joke that, if in doubt as to how to cook something, I’ll curry it, or at least suggest it. And that, I think, is where the paleo fish curry recipe idea came from.

paleo friendly fish curryNot that fish curry is anything unusual of course, but it is in this house. Curry usually involves chicken, sometimes lamb, occasionally beef and quite often prawns. And yes, prawns are kind of technically fish, well fishy anyway, but they’re different!

And veggies of course, there’s always room for a nice veggie curry, it doesn’t have to be meat!

But I have this big bag of fish fillets in the freezer and I’m wondering what to do with it. So, stock answer… yep, curry it!

Google is my friend

Love it or hate it, Google is here, and I find it very useful. Within a couple of minutes of thinking that maybe I’d make fish curry, I had a recipe. And not only that but a recipe for fish curry that was easy to follow, paleo friendly and I had all the ingredients in stock.


The recipe

Easy paleo fish curry recipeSo here it is, a quick and easy, paleo friendly, fish curry recipe.

The one thing I’ll mention, for anyone on the Whole30, is that, rather than tikka masala  paste, I used a spoonful of Pataks madras paste and two spoonfuls of Pataks tandoori paste for the spices. Both of those are entirely free of sugar and other ‘illegal’ ingredients.

Oh, and I did add some red, yellow and green pepper, chopped quite small – seemed to work.

Easy paleo fish curry recipe now written up here.

I’d suggest maybe serving this with cauliflower rice. We ate it with a coriander and tomato…. salad I guess. Needed a spoon for the sauce! Some kind of rice or ‘rice’ would be useful, either that or serve it in bowls and embrace the soupy nature of it!

However you do it I think you’ll agree it’s fantastically simple and simply fantastic! It may be the first fish curry I’ve made but it won’t be the last.

What else?

Not too much, but anyone observing closely might notice the change from my customary breakfast smoothie for last couple of days. There is a reason, and more of that tomorrow I think.

Can you stand the suspense?

I thought so.

So, what have I eaten today?

Scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, tomato

Steak in creamy peppercorn sauce
Celeriac mash

An apple, probably

Water – with lemon juice
Black coffee – plenty

And that’s it!
IanB has found a great paleo fish curry recipe

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