Body wisdom on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 29

Body wisdom

An interesting thing has happened these last few days, since deciding to forgo my breakfast smoothies. I seem to be a lot less hungry! I’m not really sure what’s going on here yet so I’m just going with it and trusting that this is body wisdom looking after me. What is it telling me?

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Trustng my Body Wisdom

trusting my body wisdomI trust my body to heal itself and to know what it needs – if I’ll only listen! It tells me, I’m sure, but learning to listen to body wisdom is an art I’m still mastering.

All too often – that sounds overly dramatic, it’s actually several times, but several times too many for my liking – I’ve allowed my body to get to the screaming and shouting stage before I’ve listened. At that point it tends to shut down for a while.

And that sounds very dramatic too. It’s not like it sends me into a coma or anything, but a serious bout of man-flu or some lovely food poisoning are sufficient to keep me out of action for a few days. And, perhaps more importantly, to stop me eating too.

Learning to listen to body wisdom

So I do try to listen before it gets to that point!

If my body says it needs less food, or none at all on some days, then I pay attention. I might still decide to overrule it, but I do listen!

Getting the message

So what is my body wisdom telling me right now? I’m not sure.

Body wisdom is my friendCould be nothing at all. I may just be being lazy and not bothering to get myself breakfast now that I’m not having smoothies. Cooking bacon and eggs just seems like to much trouble first thing in the morning.

But then, this morning Cara offered to cook it for me and I still didn’t want anything. Don’t think it’s laziness, that doesn’t usually keep me from eating and it doesn’t seem to be the answer now.

Eating too much?

I really think that unlikely. I’m not eating much at all at the moment and I think I’ve been losing weight – not dramatically, which is just as well, but still heading that way rather than the other.

But then that’s only my idea of what is too much. I’m concerned with eating enough to fuel me through the day without feeling faint or wasting away! Perhaps my body has other ideas

Preparing for a fast?

You see I did mention, a while back, that I wasn’t sure what to do at the end of the 30 days. Should I go back to eating as I was? Seems a bit pointless. Should I reintroduce foods gradually to see how they affect me? Makes more sense.

Or should I take the detox even further? Now that I’m eating pretty cleanly, and especially now I’ve reduced even the natural sugars to a minimal amount, would be an ideal time for a fast.


Yes, I did consider it.

I’ve done a water fast before, and rather enjoyed it. Well, enjoyed is possibly overstating it, but I was very glad to have done it. And I was a lot less prepared then – my diet was very different – I was eating a lot of grains, sugars and dairy. I just did a few days of raw fruit and veg before the fast, so it was a bit rough!

Not what I’d recommend now.

Is body wisdom taking over?

Body wisdom knows best!Could be, perhaps, that my body wisdom has decided a water fast is in order and is preparing me for it. It’s an intriguing idea. I’m certainly better prepared for it then I’ve ever been before, and it would, perhaps, be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t do it.

That depends, I suppose, on your opinion of fasting!

But then, I’m way out on a limb with this whole paleo detoxing thing from some people’s point of view.

It’s food, or the lack of it, for thought. I wonder what I’ll do!

What have I eaten today?

Ham, chorizo
An avocado
A banana

Minced beef, Bolognaise style
Celeriac and sweet potato mash

An apple, probably

Black coffee

And that’s it!
IanB is listening to his body wisdom

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