Paleo myths on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 30

Paleo myth or paleo facts?

So, just for the fun of it, because I like that sort of thing, I thought I’d google “paleo myths” and see what came up. Well, not only for the fun, but also because I saw some interesting ideas being thrown around the forums while I was browsing today. The basis of most of them was on the subject of the Paleo Myth…

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The paleo myth

And how stupid we are to think that eating this way could possibly do us any good.

People get very heated about this it seems!

I guess it’s just the same as anywhere that people’s beliefs are threatened, especially when it’s beliefs about their living ‘correctly’. Still, it surprised me to see how angry people were getting when confronted with the great paleo myths.

The proof is in the pudding

Or the lack of pudding perhaps.

I’m not going to go into detail on the whys and wherefores of the paleo diet and the myths surrounding it. Take a look here if you want an overview. Suffice to say that it works for me, and many other people, and that’s good enough.

Or is it?

In denial

Even more amusing was this report in the Daily Mail – yes, I know, possibly the least credible of all UK rags, but still, just for the laugh…

The article says:

A U.S. News and World Report said the regime, otherwise known as the Caveman diet, would ‘likely disappoint… and was the least effective for weight loss.’

But a poll beneath the review revealed that 3,292 people said that the diet had worked for them, compared with just 85 who said that it didn’t.

So, perhaps not surprisingly, the ‘experts’ are still peddling paleo myths and telling us that it doesn’t work while people all over the world are reporting that it does work very well thank you. And not just some people. Look at those figures:

Of the people polled (of course we don’t know who they actually are, but even so…) only 2.5% report a failure. The other 97%+ say that the paleo ‘diet’ worked for them, in whatever terms that means.

Pudding heads!

So no doubt people whose careers and livelihoods are tied up in telling us to eat less fat and red meat and consume plenty of whole grains are going to keep spouting that nonsense and denying the validity of a paleo diet.

Can’t blame them I guess. But I can say they’re wrong. My body says they’re wrong.

Paleo works for me

And that’s the best I can say really. It works for me and the chances are it would work for you too, but you’ll only know that if you give it a fair try. 30 days counts as a fair try, just about. Six months would be better – after all, you’re probably overcoming decades of eating…. differently.

I highly recommend grabbing a 30 Day Guide and giving it a go.

But that’s up to you.

As I say, it works for me, and I recommend it, but I’m not going to to tell you what you’re doing now is wrong. Your body might tell you that, but I won’t!

I might be able to help if you ask where you might be going wrong, but it’s your choice to listen to me or not.

Paleo myth or wheat myth?

Constant energy or highs and lows? Fit or fat? Feeling great or feeling tired all the time?

Your move!

What have I eaten today?

Bolognaise style minced beef
Avocado and spinach

Chicken tikka masala

An apple

Black coffee

And that’s it!
IanB has been amusing himself looking at paleo myths

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