Detox Symptoms on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 4

Strawberry smoothies may be good for soothing detox symptoms!

I’m a little concerned today. It’s day 4 of my detox challenge and I find myself asking where my detox symptoms are.

It’s not that I actually want to be breaking out in spots, rashes or cold sweats, having unquenchable thirsts or horrendous headaches or anything else like that, but I did rather expect to be experiencing some more detox symptoms by now!

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So where are my detox symptoms?

As it is there’s really not much to complain about (yet!) – just a slight headache that I’m thinking might be due to lack of carbs. And a persistent but intermittent (does that make sense?) lower back pain – again I’m not sure if it’s actually a detox symptom or just telling me I need to be spending less time sitting in front of the computer.

I shall experiment, I think, to see if I can shift this headache, but other than that, all is groovy!

EDIT//     Okay, so I tried experimenting with a snack of dried fruit and nuts. If lack of carbs was causing my headache then that (assuming it was possible to do a quick fix) should have sorted it out. However…

It's the detox symptoms, honest!No effect on the headache – still got it now, after dinner. But also, about 90 minutes after snacking I started feeling hot, dizzy, and then very tired, to the extent that I fell asleep just sitting at my desk. Not quite the result I was hoping for! Funny things these detox symptoms.

So, more experimenting tomorrow, when I think of something to try. Seems unlikely to be dehydration or lack of sugars. Lack of cheese perhaps?! Or maybe this is the coffee withdraw headache and it’s being gentle with me!


What am I eating today?

Smoothie – coconut milk, strawberries, 2 egg yolks, spirulina

Scrambled eggs (3 large)
Bacon x 3
Spinach – all cooked in lots of ghee

Snack (mid-afternoon – experimental)
Almonds, walnuts and hazlenuts – handful
Raisins and apricots – couple handfuls

Liver & Onions
An apple

Late Supper
Roast beef + Ham
Olives + Tomatoes
Olive oil

Just water – I don’t count, but probably about 6 pints of it.

and that’s it!
IanB is wondering where his detox symptoms are


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