Tight Hamstrings on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 6

Tight hamstrings and lower back pain

Aha! So now that I’ve done a bit of research I know that tight muscles are very much a part of detoxing. I’m not sure why I never encountered this before, perhaps because I’ve been much more active when I’ve done fasts and juice detoxes before? Who knows, but I’ve certainly not experienced this much muscle pain before – must be letting go of some good stuff (or bad stuff?)

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Tight hamstrings and lower back pain

Of particular interest to me right now is that tight hamstrings and lower back pain are often connected – and how! I discovered in the early hours of the morning, up and walking around as I couldn’t sleep through the back pain, that I could no longer touch my toes. Even getting my hands as far as my knees was painful.

Relief from tight hamstrings and lower back painI’m not especially known for my bendyness, by some peoples standards I probably always have tight hamstrings, but I’m not usually that inflexible!

A quick bit of Google research suggests that tight hamstrings and lower back pain issues are frequently cause and effect, and a bit of experimental stretching is already giving me some relief.

So, lots of bending and stretching exercises right now, and plans for a nice hot bath, in the hope of securing a good night’s sleep.

Tight hamstrings and lower back pain are not fun – I went to see if there was company in my misery…

Aches and pains when detoxing

And I have to say it’s good to know that what I’m experiencing is well documented; there’s a great article over at Farmer K’s Kitchen on detox symptoms, especially muscle pain, with tight hamstrings and lower back pain getting plenty of anecdotal evidence in the comments sections too. I’m not alone in my pain!

There’s another useful piece about Fasting, Cleansing & Detoxification Reactions at Detox.net.au, which goes into more detail on the medical/scientific reasons for all manner of lovely things that you may experience when your body is detoxing. Not all pleasant, but very reassuring to know!

And that reassurance is key, I think, in having a happy detox journey. I can put up with, embrace and enjoy even, all sorts of unpleasant and even painful symptoms when I know the reason for them and that I’m heading in the right direction.

It’s when I get strange and unexplained aches and pains that I start to worry – if I can’t work out why it’s hurting then maybe there’s something terribly wrong! And that’s really not a good thing to be focusing on (and therefore creating).

Other symptoms…

Not too much more to report really. I still feel as though I’m working through a brain fog. A bit of a headache, not so much ache as heaviness and fuzziness I suppose, and an inability to concentrate on anything for long – I really don’t seem to be getting much done!

… and cravings

Food: Well I’m still craving cheese, and will probably keep going on about this for some time! Nothing else troubling me there.

Alcohol and cigarettes have no appeal for me right now – smoking is a quite unpleasant thought. Alcohol I believe I shall come back to, not least because there’s a very nice bottle of single malt sitting on my desk right now (it was a Christmas present) – it’s a nice idea, but my body says No!

What am I eating?

Smoothie – coconut milk, egg yolk, chia seeds
Didn’t actually taste that good but plenty of fat and protein to keep me going for a few hours!

Scrambled eggs

Olives and tomatoes

Smoked Mackerel

And that’s all right now
IanB has tight hamstrings and lower back pain today

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