Brain Fog – Back Pain on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge Day 7

Will banana smoothie help clear my brain fog?

Ah…. the mists are clearing…

Well the good news is that my brain fog seems to have cleared considerably. I actually feel as though I’ve got something done today apart from writing this. I’ve been working my way through a list of ‘must get round to’ items on the website a feeling quite productive.

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Brain fog and back pain

On the downside I haven’t, at the time of writing, actually written this blog post! Or recorded a video yet. Ah well! But I do feel like I might manage it, and maybe even quite efficiently – we shall see…

Back pain!

I’ve been struggling the last few days with detox related lower back pain. Having discovered that a) tight hamstrings cause back pain and b) I was suddenly unable to touch my toes, or even get close, it was a pretty obvious symptom.

Good news, bad news again here. My back is still sore but nowhere near as bad as it was, I managed to sleep pretty well last night after a lot of hamstring stretching exercises. Unfortunately I seem to have rather overdone the stretching on one side – back of my left thigh is now very sore, like I’ve pulled a muscle.

But at least that doesn’t keep me awake at night!

An that seems to be the story of my detox so far – brain fog and back pain. If that’s as bad as it gets I shan’t be upset, especially as it seems to be getting better. Three weeks to go though – anything could happen!

What am I eating?

Paleo green smoothieBreakfast
Smoothie – banana, raisins, apricots, nuts + seeds, coconut milk, spinach

Smoked salmon
Scrambled eggs

Tuna + boiled egg
Avocado, olives, tomatoes
Olive oil, lime juice, coriander

Chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce
(coconut milk, onion, garlic, ginger, coriander)
Broccoli and sugar-snap peas

As ever, just lots of bottled spring water
And that’s it!
IanB has brain fog and back pain

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