Frustrated on The 30 day Paleo Detox Challenge – Day 9

Home made ghee - is it paleo?

One of the delights of knowing that you create your own reality is that, when it reflects back to you exactly what you didn’t want to see, you know you have nobody to blame but yourself!

Ah well.

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Life goes on

So yesterday I was saying I was worried that I might get bored and frustrated with the restrictions on my eating, and today…

I’m bored and frustrated


I want Coffee

Specifically, I really wanted coffee today. Fine in Whole30 terms but way off limits for me. Interesting because I’ve really not been interested in it all week, it hasn’t been hard to let go. But today I want it.

Caramel latte coffeePossibly because I read on the Whole30 forum last night about a rather wonderful idea for a Bulletproof style coffee made with coconut milk and ghee – the effect is, apparently, something like a caramel latte!


As I say, it’s entirely ‘legal’ if you’re following the Whole30 but I’ve made this decision to quit the coffee for 30 days too. That’s very frustrating!

And not least because we ran out of ghee and I had to make a new batch today – love that smell, but it’s doubly cruel.


But apart from that, all is groovy – nothing much else to say, except for…

What I ate today

Smoothie* – banana, coconut milk, raisins, dates, seeds, spinach, water

* I note that the Whole30 frowns on smoothies for the typically high sugar content. I see the danger and have a couple of thoughts about it:
– 1 – There’s no way I’m eating a plate of veggies for breakfast. I’d normally just have coffee and a smoke – I need waking up.
– 2 – This doesn’t seem to spike my blood sugars. It typically keeps me going for 4 – 5 hours. When I used to eat toast or cereal for breakfast I’d be ravenous 2 hours later.

Bacon and mushroom omelette
Asparagus and tomatoes

Smoothie – banana, coconut milk, ghee, water

Meatballs with homemade tomato sauce
Carrots and mangetout

Sorely tempted by coffee, but no, just water!

And that’s all!

IanB is in need of coffee!

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